SpaceClaim Robot Printed on Z450

If you haven’t seen the recent SpaceClaim webinar on additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping check out the archived video!

SpaceClaim had a model of a Robot printed on a ZCorp Z450 3D Printer.

Details from ZPrint Software:

Date: Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Build Name: 3D_Print\2011\benchmarks\SpaceClaim\robo-menace_for_print.zbd

Printer Type: ZPrinter 450     Powder Type: ZP150

Build Height:  3.64 in     Layer Thickness: 0.0040 in     Number of Layers: 910

Estimated build time in monochrome mode:: 4 hours and 46 minutes
Estimated binder usage in monochrome mode:  94.0 ml

Estimated build time in color mode:: 5 hours and 22 minutes
Estimated clear binder usage in color mode:  93.4 ml
Estimated color ink usage: Yellow =  0.6697 ml; Magenta =  0.4726 ml; Cyan =  0.2768 ml

Total volume of parts: 13.39 cubic inches.
Total surface area: 125.23 square inches.
Surface to volume ratio: 9.35.

Check out the pics below, from the model in ZPrint, all the way to finished part

SpaceClaim Robot in 3D Printer Software

About Halfway though the Print Job

Rapid Prototyped Part

Almost finished Printing!

Needs to be depowdered

Removed part from the build bed, time to Depowder him

Air Pressure to Depowder Part

Depowdering the Robot

Post Depowdering, but before Infiltrant

Depowdering is finished, now time for a dip in the Infiltrant!

SpaceClaim Robot on ZCorp 450 3D Printer

Completed SpaceClaim Robot Printed on ZCorp Z450