Alien Space Ship – Designed in SpaceClaim by 11 year old student

This week we had an elementary school student in the office and we setup a laptop in the conference room so he could use the internet.  We knew that laptop had a seat of SpaceClaim on it but we really didn’t think anything of it.  About an hour later, he came to us asking if he could print something on our Z450.  We laughed and said well first you have to design something in CAD.  He quickly replied that he had, so we took a look at what he called an “Alien SpaceShip” and converted it to an STL file.

Needless to say we were pretty impressed with his ability quickly pick up some simple functions of a CAD package.  Not to mention what this says for how easy SpaceClaim is to use.

Take a look at the file in ZEdit as well as some images of the finished part along with some print log details.

Loading the STL file into the ZPrinter software







Keep in mind this is an STL file.  The color was added within ZEdit.  Check out the print details and material use.  This part’s actual size is pretty small, about the size of a superball.

Printer Type: ZPrinter 450

Powder Type: ZP150Build Height:  1.21 in

Layer Thickness: 0.0040 in

Number of Layers: 302

Estimated build time in monochrome mode:: 1 hour and 19 minutes

Estimated binder usage in monochrome mode:  22.8 ml

Estimated build time in color mode:: 1 hour and 21 minutes

Estimated clear binder usage in color mode:  22.4 ml

Estimated color ink usage: Yellow =  0.1355 ml; Magenta =  0.1429 ml; Cyan =  0.1475 ml

Total volume of parts: 1.21 cubic inches.

Total surface area: 7.35 square inches.

Surface to volume ratio: 6.09.

Number of Models: 1

Number of Vertices: 643 (0 textured)

Number of Facets: 1284 (0 textured)

Number of Textures: 0


Alien Ship getting depowdered


Finished depowdering, ready for infiltrant









Vibrant Colors post Infiltrant
Finished Alien Ship

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  1. This is fantastic! Congratulations on a great design and 3D print!!

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