Fantasy Football Trophies

3D Printed Fantasy Football Trophies

We play in a fantasy football league known as “Giraffe Hugs Brontosaurus”.  The league was founded by our esteemed Commissioner in Bethlehem, PA near the turn of the century.  Every year, we gather at an undisclosed location somewhere along Route 476 for our draft and end of summer feast.  Many members of the league contribute in one way or another to this celebration of football, food, and the USA in general.  Our contribution is the league trophies.

Naturally the top seed takes home a replica of the Lombardi trophy, but we try to add new trophies and titles as often as possible.  We finish the champ’s trophy with a silver spray paint to make it a little more special.  In addition to the Champ, we also print a toilet in honor of the winner of the “Toilet Bowl”.  This matchup is generally the best of the worst within the league, and is essentially a 5th place award.

The word on the street is that tomorrow at the draft, we will be having a beer pong competition between two warring factions within the league.  In anticipation of this we have recreated the chalice that we had previously printed, and touched it up with a bronze spray paint finish.

Here’s a screenshot of the 3D Printed Fantasy Football Trophies within ZPrint.

Trophies Situated in ZPrint

Here’s the print details:

Date: Saturday, September 03, 2011

Build Name: H:\3D_Print\2011\DinoDudes\All parts.ZBD

Printer Type: ZPrinter 450 Powder Type: ZP150

Build Height: 3.12 in Layer Thickness: 0.0040 in Number of Layers: 778

Estimated build time in monochrome mode:: 4 hours and 57 minutes

Estimated binder usage in monochrome mode: 186.9 ml

Estimated build time in color mode:: 5 hours and 44 minutes

Estimated clear binder usage in color mode: 186.2 ml

Estimated color ink usage:

Yellow = 0.5231 ml; Magenta = 0.3787 ml; Cyan = 0.3463 ml

Total volume of parts: 60.75 cubic inches.

Total surface area: 167.83 square inches.

Surface to volume ratio: 2.76.

Number of Models: 3

Number of Vertices: 16706 (0 textured)

Number of Facets: 32332 (2777 textured)

Number of Textures: 6

Part Name: H:\3D_Print\2010\0 Needs Sorting\Trophy\Trophy.zpr

Width: 9.00 in Depth: 3.48 in Height: 2.77 in Volume: 22.74

Cu. in Area: 67.23 Sq. in

Part Name: H:\3D_Print\2011\DinoDudes\kelch12_lowpolyn2.3ds

Width: 6.00 in Depth: 2.91 in Height: 2.91 in Volume: 33.59

Cu. in Area: 56.42 Sq. in

Part Name: C:\Desktop\Toilet -standard.3ds

Width: 3.00 Depth: 4.72 in Height: 2.09 in Volume: 4.42

Cu. in Area: 44.18 Sq. in

Here’s a few more images after the build and before the spray paint.


The Trophies before Depowdering

Presentation of the Trophies

Pre Spray Paint

2011 Giraffe Hugs Brontosaurus league Champion – Daaaaag NAB-it!

2011 Champ Daaaag NAB-it!











2011 Toilet Bowl Winner - Sagetaleontology











2011 - 2012 Off season Beer Pong Chalice - DINO'S V DYNASTY