3D Printed or Not

Lately we have so many 3D Printed parts floating around the office, that it’s becoming difficult to tell which parts are simply models and which parts are real tools or decorations that we use.  We went around and grabbed a bunch of random items from the office and took pictures of them.  See if you can figure out which ones were printed on a 3D Printer, and which ones were not.  Some are intended to be tricky!  Good luck!  Answer Key below.

1) Rubik's Cube Puzzle








2) Handgun








3) Hand Drill








4) Jack O Lantern








5) Mouse








6) Animal Jaw Bone








7) Military Vehicle










8) Bandage








9) Remote Control










10) Baseball








11) Drill










12) MIT







13) Apollo II Patch










14) Vehicle








15) Soda Bottle










16) Lighter








17) Jaws of Life








18) Veteran's Stadium














Answer Key:

1) 3D Printed Cube Puzzle

2) 3D Printed Handgun

3)  Real Hand Drill

4)  3D Printed Jack O’ Lantern

5)  Real Computer Mouse

6)  3D Printed Jaw Bone

7)  Toy Military Vehicle

8)  3D Printed Band-Aid

9)  Real Remote Control

10)  Real Baseball

11)  3D Printed Drill

12)  3D Printed Model of MIT

13)  Real Apollo Patch

14)  3D Printed Model of Vehicle

15)  Real Bottle of Soda

16)  Real Lighter

17)  3D Printed Jaws of Life

18)  Souvenir Model of Veteran’s Stadium