ProJet 1500 Demo Unit

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Getting ready to unpack our new Demo Unit












ProJet 3D Printing

Since 3D Systems’ acquisition of ZCorporation, we got access to a whole new line of 3D Printers to choose from!  Recently we got our first new demo unit, the ProJet 1500.

As soon as we started unpacking it, no doubt the coolest feature was that the door to the machine is called the “shuttle door”.

Some technical details:

Build size of 6.75 x 9 x 8 in (171 x 228 x 203 mm)

Native resolution of 1024 x 768 DPI.

Layer Thickness in Standard Mode – 0.004 in

Layer Thickness in High Speed Mode – 0.006 in

Vertical Build Speed in Standard Mode – 0.5 in/hour

Vertical Build Speed in high Speed Mode – 0.8 in/hour (VisiJet® FTI-Zoom material only)

First 3D Print

After we had the machine installed, we were eager to see it in action.  The interface is browser based, as is the case with all the 3D Printers in the ProJet Series.

3D Printer browser based
Browser based 3D Printing Interface










We choose to print 2 sample parts.  The ubiquitous engine block that has been printed thousands of times in the past decade, and a strange pretzel like object.  Take a look below at the user interface for the 1500.

3D Printer User Interface
User Interface for ProJet 1500

The total print time was just under 4 hours.  Post processing was a little different than we were used to with our ZPrinters, but it all worked out well.  Just detached the print plate from the printer, and gently hung it from the inside of the cleaning station where it took a little bath.  Shortly afterwards we placed it inside the UV finishing station for 60 minutes.  When we removed the parts, they were sturdy and lightweight.  You can literally bounce them across a desk.  We’re excited to print more sample parts and eventually challenge the machine with some more difficult creations.  Not to mention we just received our ProJet 3000HD Demo unit so look for more details on that system coming soon!

Sample 3D Part
Surely we've met before?
3D Pretzal thingamajig
ProJet 1500 Sample Pretzal Thing