SpaceClaim Quick Models

As I’ve possibly pointed out on several occasions I am not a mechanical engineer.  I have no CAD training and I definitely do not think like a mechanical engineer.  I do however have access to several 3D Printers and SpaceClaim direct modeling software.  SpaceClaim is the ultimate software to go with a 3D Printer.  I predict as printers become more prevalent, so will SpaceClaim users.  No other program let’s you jump in model something and have it ready for print so quickly.  It’s truly the best kept secret in the 3D Printing world.  I modeled this and had it printed in the same afternoon.  We’re getting to that point, and things are only going to start happening faster.

designed in SpaceClaim

The inspiration behind this model starts at AR-CAD blog.  I was checking out the cool videos posted there about SpaceClaim when I learned about GrabCAD.  I have known about all the other sharing sites for a while now, but somehow GrabCAD had managed to stay off my radar.  I still love thingiverse, but this is a little different.  The focus isn’t on 3D Printing.  The focus is on the modeling itself and the CAD software it was designed in.  There’s also discussions and Q&A’s about specific CAD problems, and challenges issued by other users.  One thing I kept seeing was awesome renderings of drones.  I figured these drones needed a home base.

Here’s the model as I posted in GrabCAD.