Minecraft Raspberry Pi Case

Previous experience using the 3D design, simulation, and engineering analysis software such as Solidedge and Solidworks led me to be a successful user of SpaceClaim, which I have recently been given access to. In order to get acquainted with SpaceClaim, I designed a case for my newly discovered Raspberry Pi.


Raspberry Pi is a mini single board computer that has countless uses, one of which is playing Minecraft. So, I thought it would be cool to make a Minecraft themed case.

               The design wasn’t terribly complex as I simply made a box big enough to fit the Raspberry Pi in and cut it out so that it could sit inside. The hardest part was figuring out how much space to leave in order to fit the pi in but not slide around too much and still have ports line up.

case bottom

           Then it was extruding box after box to make it look like the terrain of Minecraft, which I got fairly good at by the end of this project. SpaceClaim made this a lot easier since it has a lot of short cuts that the other software didn’t have.

plain case

After my test print I realized it was a bit too snug. Actually it didn’t fit in at all but I was able to see where I needed more clearance. I also made a bottom plate to slide into a groove that was cut on the bottom of the case.

pi case lid

Last was the color. This was just a matter of selecting faces and colors but did become tedious with the amount of cubes protruding.

Mine case





Files hosted on GrabCAD

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  1. Cool case for raspberry pi. The cubes are definitely hard to design. Thanks for this 3D printing minecraft inspiration.

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