3D Printed Evolve Characters

This February with the release of Evolve, a new multiplayer shooter game, you have the chance to become the apex predator. This game allows you to choose between four hunters, or the monster in which the hunters are after, in a four on one match. Evolve ships on February 10th, 2015 . Here at Solid Technologies, we already downloaded and printed our favorite Monster and Hunter from Evolvegame.com, but the files didn’t come with color. Here’s how I made our Hyde and Goliath look like the real thing.

Step 1:

Download the 3D file from EvolveGame.com. You can find the files under the “About” tab, select either hunters or monsters to find the character you want. In our case this was Hyde and Goliath. There will be a 3D print file link under the characters description. I then opened this file in 3D Edit Pro.

Step 2:

I took a photo of Hyde and opened it in Paint in order to check out the RGB hex values with the dropper tool.


Step 3:

Using the “Paint and Texture” section in 3D Edit, I then filled in each face with the appropriate color. The “Show edge lines” tool allows you to color larger sections at a time but for the finer details I had to select each triangle face individually. It’s easier if you work with a single color at a time – first wash the entire character with the most dominant color (for Hyde it’s brown; Goliath would be gray). Then define each additional color from the Microsoft Paint values and then work your way from most common colors to the more obscure (gold was my last color, for Hyde’s buckles and equipment valves).


Step 4:

Run a test print to make sure your colored print material matches the values you want. I used the ProJet 660 to print mine since it is able to print in multiple colors. I kept the characters true to design but obviously you can make your Monster your own.

Step 5:

Print copies for yourself, for your friends, for the dashboard of your car, or for the mantel above your game console.

photo 1photo 2

photo 1 (2) photo 2 (2)

Note: If you don’t have your own 3D printer, or the time to spend perfecting your creation, you can have someone do it for you. I can tell you that coloring in each face does take some serious time and you probably have better stuff to do. If you have Evolve characters or other models you’d like to have customized, just give me a shout at aaron@sldtech.com

20141014_171653A 20141014_171809A

Download the updated .wrl files: Hyde/Goliath