3D Printed Labyrinth Board Game


The Labyrinth Game has been around for years and is a game of skill and precision. The objective of the game is to¬†maneuver a ball through a maze riddled with holes by tilting the playing field with two nobs. The two nobs are usually attached to strings controlling the tilt. Since I am printing mine and want to have a functioning part right out of the printer that doesn’t require assembling, I did away with the strings and have one nob that controls the tilting at both axes.



This print consists of three parts, a board inside a frame inside another frame. Twisting the nob counter or clock wise controls the tilt in one direction and moving the nob up and down controls tilt in the other. Should the ball fall through one of the holes, the ball will be dispensed into the side tray.


I printed this part on the ProJet 3000 due to it’s ability to print in ultraviolet curing plastic and melt away wax as the support material, which is great for printing movable parts. The part comes out of the printer in a block of wax that is then put into a oven that melts the wax leaving just the plastic part.

photo 2 (4) photo 1 (5)

The part is removed from the oven fully functioning and ready for play!

photo 1 (6)photo 2 (5)

Video of Labyrinth Game moving: IMG_1105

Overall I am very satisfied with the finished product. The only thing I would do differently is use a metal ball instead of the plastic one that I also printed, just because the added weight of a metal ball would probably make it a little easier to progress through the playing field. All of the 3D designing was done with SpaceClaim software.