3D Printed Key Fob




3D Printed Key Fob

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A Key fob to one of the work trucks at Soild Tech Inc. had the key ring break off. This is a problem that many 3d printers are capable of fixing but I choose to use the ProJet 6000. I began by measuring the original key fob and then drawing a box big enough to fit the fob inside. All of the 3d modeling was done using Spaceclaim. After the box was complete, I started designing the lid to enclose the original fob. I decided to have the lid slide into place and have half of the key ring holder on the lid so that once the key ring is put on, the lid can’t slide back open. When the lid was done I added the finer details such as the cutouts for the buttons, rounding the edges, and the markings that indicate what the buttons are. Finally, I added some ridges that wrap around the perimeter for ¬†added strength and aesthetics.


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photo 3 (4)It was a perfect fit with little to no room for the fob to slide around inside.

photo 2 (7)photo 4 (1)Overall this project turned out really well. The only down side is that the printed fob is slightly larger than the original but it does its job and continues to be in use with no issues.