3D printed Super Ellipse!

3D Printed Super Ellipse


I recently saw a video on youtube about a 3d super ellipse, or 3D lame curve, and thought it would be cool to 3D print my own. I wanted my super ellipse to be clear with a design inside so I printed it on the ProJet 3510. I used the equation (x/6)^2.5+ (y/5)^2.5= 1 to make the curve. First I solved the equation for y and then graphed it using my TI-84 calculator. Then I made a table of the x and y coordinates in order to plot the curve precisely. After I plotted the points of a quarter of the ellipse, I simply connected the points, creating the desired curve. Then I mirrored the quarter curve to form a half and then revolved it to form the 3d Super ellipse. SuperEplot EggRevolveEgg

I put another part into the ellipse and then cut away the inside part leaving an empty cavity in the middle. Since I printed it on the ProJet 3510, that uses wax for the support material, the cavity will be filled with wax. This gives the ellipse a cool trapped wax affect.


After the print was complete it was put into an oven to remove the wax support material.

photo 1 (9)

Without drain holes, the wax design in the center will remain wax filled.

photo 2 (8)The last step was sanding and polishing the surface to give it a smooth clear finish. For more detail on the sanding and polishing see the 3D printed Raspbery Pi Case where I explain the process further. The finished part came out better then expected and stands straight up on either end.


Here is the video that inspired it all: