NXE 200 Ultrafast Industrial 3D Printer

NXE 200 Ultrafast Industrial 3D Printer

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Exceptional affordability for manufacturers, engineers and designers who need cost-effective prototyping and manufacturing solutions that is accurate and fast.
Powered by LSPc technology, its 200 mm z-stroke is perfect for building smaller parts. Enable downstream processes for semi-continuous production.

Technical Specifications

Build Volume 10.8 x 6.1 x 7.8 inch (275x x 155 x 200 mm)
Max Resolution 4K (3840 x 2160)
Pixel Pitch 76.5 µm (0.0030 in)
Wavelength 405 nm

 Build Materials UV Curable Plastics; xGPP-Translucent; XGPP-Grey; xPRO410; 3843-ABS-Black; xCE-Black; ABS-Black; xCE-White; xPP405-Black; xPP405-Clear; xPEEK147; x45-Natural; x45-Clear, x45-Black, xFLEX

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*Installation, Software and additional post processing hardware not included