Color 3D Printing & Human 2.0 in "The Beyond"

Color 3D Printing & Human 2.0 in "The Beyond"

The Beyond, released in 2017 but set in 2019 is now on Netflix.  In the movie scientists are tasked with sending astronauts through a wormhole in one piece. Fortunately in 2019 Color Jet Printing is still available.

  Human 2.0 is the brain of an astronaut with a 3D printed body designed to emulate some human functions for familiarity.  The transplant process is complex and fascinating.  While current available CJP materials are not able to withstand the gravitational force of a wormhole, the movie explains in great detail the fabrication of the body shell, which houses the brain in a military grade graphene.

  During scenes in the transplant center, a well used 3D printer can be seen in the background.  Powder is visible on the inside glass of the depowdering unit.  It appears as though the scientists are using a legacy color 3D printer which could use a good cleaning and a PM.

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