XYZ Printing partners with AM Polymers for food grade Polypropylene SLS materials

Food Grade MultiJet XYZ Printing

Food Grade 3D Printing Material

Polypropylene PP01 FDA approved food grade 3D printer material

AM Polymers PP01 Polypropylene is FDA approved food grade material.  Under 21 CFR 177.1520(c)3.1a, this resin may be safely used in articles that contact food except for articles used for packing or holding food during cooking.
AM Polymers PP01 Polypropylene is a low warpage, easy processing, and high value material.

• Excellent detail resolution
• 50% Powder refresh rate
• Lowest cost per Kg

Mechanical Properties Tensile strength: 20 MPa

Applications for AM Polymers Polypropylene

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